Case Study


Interview with Mick Beattie

Mick outlines his thoughts when the suggestion was first made to go to a Virtual environment for the 5th Annual SOCEX Economic Crime Conference.



Interview with Mick Beattie, Part 2 

What difference may there be on the potential uptake of those participating online this year and does the virtual conference environment detract from the face to face conference?



Interview with Mick Beattie, Part 3 

What remain the major concerns as we move from the face to face environment of previous years to the Virtual Conference environment?



Interview with Mick Beattie, Part 4

Leaving the challenges and concerns aside, what is Mick Beattie most looking forward to as we approach the inaugural 'VIRTUAL' SOCEX Economic Crime Conference?



Interview with Mick Beattie part 5 

It's been a steep learning curve for everyone involved with the organisation of the 5th SOCEX Economic Crime Conference, so what would Mick do differently if we were to start planning for 2021?


Since 2016, The SOCEX Economic Crime Conference continues to be an influential meeting of law enforcement practitioners from across the UK and further afield.

Given the importance and high regard placed on the previous four annual conferences it will go ahead in November 2020.

However, considering the ever-changing nature of this global pandemic, The SOCEX Economic Crime Conference 2020 will move to a ‘virtual online’ format.

The Conference will take place between Wednesday 25 November and Tuesday 1 December and be hosted on a multi-functional events platform, providing delegates with both on-demand content along with studio-quality live broadcasts streamed directly to delegates laptops and mobile devices.

The full conference schedule is still being pulled together with the live webcasts expected to take place for a few hours each working day during the period with pre-recorded content released throughout the week in a series of ‘episodes’  to give the audience time to view and reflect on what is being presented.

This year the presentations will be made available on-demand beyond the ‘virtual live’ event itself, while, during the Live webcasts, attendees will be able to question the presenters through the functionality of the virtual platform.

Networking has always been an important factor of the SOCEX Conferences and, while physical networking is ruled out, delegates will have the ability to find others who are also at this virtual conference to connect with.

By highlighting the topics they are most interested in during the registration process, the conference platform will help facilitate the ‘virtual networking’ of two or more people to continue the discussions privately.

This ability to host individual 1-2-1 networking meetings, for delegates, partners and other stakeholders, will seek to recreate what has become a core aspect of the face to face events.

Delegate profiles will be held securely and password protected, so there should be no need to worry about virtual meetings being interrupted.

We are extremely excited at the possibilities that this new hybrid-event structure will bring to the SOCEX conferences. Not only will it offer presentation slots unconstrained by a venue availability or capacity, it will also enable a wider audience, nationally and internationally to participate.

Planning for this year’s SOCEX Economic Crime Conference is well under way and we are currently working with speakers to schedule their presentation filming.

More details regarding registration will be announced within the next few days.

In the meantime – if you have any questions, please contact:
Martin Jack
0141 221 7423