Susan Grandfield, Owner, SG Development Solutions

Susan Grandfield

Owner, SG Development Solutions
Susan Grandfield, Owner, SG Development Solutions
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I have always been passionate about helping people become more self-aware so that they can see a wider range of choices and opportunities available to them. My intention is to enable people to see more clearly the habits and patterns of behaviour that they are stuck in and crucially, recognise that they have the power to change their experience.

Most of us are operating on autopilot, replaying what we have done before regardless of whether it has worked in the past, and often unaware of the impact we are having on ourselves and others. The result....missed opportunities, reduced sense of happiness and fulfillment and disconnection with the part of us that wants to thrive. 

Over the last 20 years, my own personal development journey has proved to me that when we step out of "doing" we can become more effective, feel more fulfilled and have a more positive impact on the people and environments around us.


23 April
The Business Journey

The Business Journey has been developed to support businesses across all stages of development. Whether you are an existing business with a strong track record looking to move forward, or one looking at opportunities to efficiently finance your existing operations, the breadth and depth of experience available across The Business Journey partners will prove an invaluable resource going forward.

23 Apr 2021 This is an Online Event utilising Zoom Meeting as Host