Jim Henderson, Partner, Harrison James Partnership

Jim Henderson

Partner, Harrison James Partnership
Jim Henderson, Partner, Harrison James Partnership
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I co-founded the brand new Harrison James Partnership, with the aim of being the most valuable single source of business advice, business support and business coaching that restless entrepreneurial businesses can engage.

In addition we provide access to a collective of carefully chosen specialists partners, to surround the business with whatever need has been identified. We support aspirational organisations, who can see growth in front of them, but feel just a little bit stuck or uncertain in moving onwards and upwards.

Our process reflects our best in class business & management skills that fill the gap from inspiration to implementation, quickly, with confidence and with the full engagement of your team, to help get the business to where it wants to go.

I guess what differentiates Harrison James Partnership from other professional services advisors, is that we know and understand business owners & entrepreneurs – we are empathetic with the journey they have been through and what has yet to come.


Awareness is the greatest agent of change" - Eckhart Tolle
In or experience, 80% of clients with whom we have engaged have come from the box "we don't know what we don't know". Our business review often shines a light upon opportunities and issues up until now unknown and undiscovered by the business. This results in new choices being made and a fresh focus on new priorities.
Creating awareness creates choice.


Inspiration - "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something".
"Why" you are in business (beyond the money) is more important than "what" you do and "how" you do it. Your Why / Aspiration / Bigger Picture / Vision / Intent / Purpose often gets lost in the day to day roller coaster that is running a business.
Vision and Strategy building retreats and workshops inspires the business to re-connect to that original Vision, find a fresh energy and confidence to take the next step.
Why not build a successful business AND love doing it?


Building on a solid foundation is a pre-requisite for any sustainable growth - "the wise man built his house upon a rock" as they say.
We firstly get clear on what growth means for your business e.g. growth in revenue, profits, people, capability, market share, territories, employee engagement.
Having defined your Vision and being suitable inspired to have planned out the stepping stones to get there, we support the business in choosing the right growth strategy at the right time, then be by your side to implement those strategies. No implementation, no progress, no value.
Why grow your business? Maybe you have a number in mind for retirement and want your business to reach a certain value. We are with you through to the end / new beginning, with succession planning and exit choices too.

Jim Henderson


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23 April
The Business Journey

The Business Journey has been developed to support businesses across all stages of development. Whether you are an existing business with a strong track record looking to move forward, or one looking at opportunities to efficiently finance your existing operations, the breadth and depth of experience available across The Business Journey partners will prove an invaluable resource going forward.

23 Apr 2021 This is an Online Event utilising Zoom Meeting as Host
16 November
Accelerate Ayrshire

Accelerate Ayrshire has been developed to offer peer to peer business education, learn about the experiences of leading business people and provide a route to accelerated growth for Ayrshire businesses. There are a number of core factors which will influence a company’s future trajectory. Accelerate Ayrshire has been established to look at these, and others, to provide a business educational environment that will showcase how good business practices can support sustainable growth.

16 Nov 2017 Gailes Hotel, Irvine