Craig Mackie,  Director, Shine

Craig Mackie

Director, Shine
Craig Mackie,  Director, Shine
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Craig Mackie

Craig Mackie
Managing Director
I started in the creative industry at age 16; I was immediately put in charge of tea. I loved the industry and still do (many) years later.

SHINE was formed out of frustration in 1999. I knew I could do things better and wanted to work in a creative agency that had a long-term plan and long-term relationships with its clients. So I formed my own. As managing and creative director, tea boy and the main point of contact for clients, I bring the experience of a design mind coupled with strategy for business development and marketing.

I’m also a board member for Cancer Support Scotland and volunteer for PSYBT as a mentor for newly formed businesses in Glasgow.

Company Profile

Founded in 1999 out of frustration and set up with a mission to ‘deliver a better creative experience to clients’ we have grown slowly and steadily over the years from our first client meeting in April 1999 to the team that we have now working with our large bank of clients across the UK.  From our first 6gb Apple Mac G3 to the full studio of beautiful apple equipment and lovely staff (don’t get them mixed up) we have built a strong reputation for excellent creativity and client service.

We are proud to work with some incredible clients who work in forward thinking businesses.  Our clients range geographically from the Highlands of Scotland to South London and many places in-between.  We work closely with organisations ranging in size from two person companies up to organisation of over 4,000 employees.  One client we have been working with since way back in May 1999.

23 April
The Business Journey

The Business Journey has been developed to support businesses across all stages of development. Whether you are an existing business with a strong track record looking to move forward, or one looking at opportunities to efficiently finance your existing operations, the breadth and depth of experience available across The Business Journey partners will prove an invaluable resource going forward.

23 Apr 2021 This is an Online Event utilising Zoom Meeting as Host