Latest update looking at future events being organised in the virtual world.

The Business Journey - Think Different Events Ltd   

Project Planning

The 6th Business Journey online event takes place on Friday 10 July.

The 6 Business Journey Partners will be discussing some of the key challenges and opportunities as the economy eases out of the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Platform Montage  

Virtual Events

The focus over the past few weeks has been to identify which platform(s) will best meet the needs of our clients. Like most things, it’s only once you get into the Content Management Systems of each that you see the true potential of the services and the challenges that may be posed due to restrictions of access into a client’s own IT infrastructure. What is clear is that it’s not a straightforward decision.

Webinars vs Virtual Events

When comparing platforms, it’s been important to distinguish between webinars and virtual events. If it was merely a case of a presentation to showcase some content, inviting people to register and participate – that’s a webinar.

The virtual event is something more expansive, which includes webcasting, video on demand, roundtable discussions, presentation tracks, virtual meeting places, mobile apps and hundreds, if not thousands, of participants. 

There is an increasing number of platforms available on the market like those below, with a range of functionality that should suit most event organisers. To date, the best ones I’ve discovered, are those where the platform team has provided a demo version of the CMS to work with and learn more about what it can do for clients.

SOCEX - Think Different Events Ltd  

SOCEX (Serious and Organised Crime Exchange)

The Serious and Organised Crime Exchange series of Conferences has been in existence since 2015 and we’ve been given the go ahead to ‘transition’ them to a virtual environment later this year. In part this is to maintain the momentum built up over the past five or more years since it’s inception with Ian Watson, Mick Creedon and Sir Jon Murphy, though they also provide a framework for valuable insights into how the law enforcement agencies are tackling organised crime across the UK and beyond.

Following the ongoing research into the virtual platform that provides the best fit for both, The Strategic Conference and the Economic Crime Conference,  they will take place around November this year with the ‘live’ events hopefully returning in 2021.

 GSC In Discussion With Steven Thompson  

Grassroots Football

It’s not only businesses that have suffered during lockdown. While professional sport has started to return, grassroots football is still awaiting approval to start again in some form or another.

Giffnock Soccer Centre is close to me heart and following a successful inaugural ‘In Discussion with’  Simon Donnelly last week, we are hosting another event with Steven Thompson. It’s always interesting to hear how professional footballers made the jump from youth football to the professional game.

All proceeds of these events are going to Pollok Forrdbank, so a worthy cause being supported too.

 Albanian Mafia Wars  

Currently Reading

Albanian Mafia Wars by John Lucas

Managing and delivering the SOCEX Conferences above have provided an interesting insight into organised crime that goes beyond what is seen in films, TV series and fictional books. The book looks in details at the expansion of one of the world’s most mysterious mafias, from its origins in war-torn Eastern Europe, to its rivalry with New York’s Five Families, and to the chaos unleashed on the streets of Britain by narco gangs with access to cocaine pipelines from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.