A look at how Think Different Events is working with clients to ensure that they maintain contact with their key stakeholders and interested parties via the medium of Online and Hybrid events.

The Business Journey - Think Different Events Ltd   

Project Delivery

Last Friday, 5th June, we organised and hosted, on behalf of The Business Journey Partners, the 5th online event.

This focussed attention on some of the tasks businesses should be considering as they plan ahead, with a degree of cautious confidence, in the coming weeks and months.
Over 35 joined the meeting with a broad range of questions discussed during the event.

 Virtual Conferences - Think Different Events Ltd  

Project Planning

For several months now, since lockdown was announced, it has become clear that the events sector, as we know it, will be sufficiently changed in the coming years.

With all our face to face events postponed, it became apparent that our focus, and that of our clients, would turn to the online environment.

We have successfully delivered smaller events like The Business Journey above.

However, we recognise the limitations the current platform would pose should we need to scale an event to ‘Conference’ sized proportions and have been actively working with venues, production partners and existing clients to understand better how we can design, develop and manage events to meet everyone’s expectations.

 Sustainable Glasgow Partnership - Think Different Events Ltd  

Sustainable Glasgow Partnership

Having worked successfully with the Sustainable Glasgow Partnership team to deliver the 2020 Summit, we are developing a Hybrid conference model that will bring a number of benefits to the team and also meet the number one objective of their work, providing a sustainable, carbon neutral event.

It will also enable greater engagement with a wider audience across Glasgow and beyond.

 SOCEX - Think Different Events Ltd  

SOCEX (Serious and Organised Crime Exchange)

We have developed the SOCEX Conferences in conjunction with law enforcement agencies across the UK in partnership with several commercial organisations who have supported the series since its inception in 2015.

Like other face to face events, both major conferences have had to be shelved for this year. Yet, with the potential to extend the reach of both, we are working with colleagues at both a Strategic SOC level and within the Economic Crime sphere, to deliver 2 hybrid events in 2020.

Security of information is paramount and that brings its own challenges and opportunities to develop and deliver events of this nature.

 NoTosh - Think Different Events Ltd  

No Tosh

We were very fortunate to work with No Tosh immediately prior to the lockdown on an education project that brought two different groups together over a few months to develop some critical thinking around education in Scotland.

Following the close co-operation between us, we are now investigating other potential projects which may fit our respective skills sets in the virtual environment world.

 Sporting Memories Giffnock Soccer Centre  

Highlight of the week

The Sporting Memories Scotland charity is dedicated to the development and use of sports reminiscence, inclusive physical activities and intergenerational activities to support isolated older people across the country.

We're delighted to have brought together the Foundation and our own external interest, Giffnock Soccer Centre, with the aim of developing a community of interest through the club's members and their families and friends.

As a Community Club and charity itself, we're hoping the common links through Giffnock Soccer Centre will be of benefit to everyone.

 Last Man In Russia  

Currently Reading

I came across Oliver Bullough at the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference in November when he was The SOCEX Guest Lecturer. His award winning book Moneyland was a genuine page turner at the time and his story that night was fascinating.

Moneyland is all about the shadow world of the super-rich
A clever and entertaining exploration of the parallel and poisonous realm of tax havens and shell companies.

I'm hoping this book – The Last Man of Russia will have the same page turning appeal.


Currently Following

Following Europol as opposed to them following me is a means of keeping abreast of what's going on and helps the planning discussions around SOCEX become more meaningful.