The Serious and Organised Crime Exchange

The Serious Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) is a series of two yearly events - The Strategy Conference and The Economic Crime Conference


The SOCEX (Serious and Organised Crime Exchange) series of conference was launched in 2015 and currently has two annual events in May and November within the SOCEX brand umbrella.

The first conference to be established was the Strategic Conference, when 225 delegates from the senior management teams of most law enforcement agencies in the UK attended. The keynote address in both 2015 and 2016 was presented by the then Home Secretary Theresa May and the Home Office continues to support the conference at ministerial level.

We are currently in the process of organising the 5th SOCEX Strategic Conference which will be held at Chesford Grange in May 2019. SOCEX Conference

Following the success of the Strategic Conferences, the SOCEX Financial Crime Conference was launched in 2016 aimed more specifically at operational staff involved in this area of criminal activity.

The Strategic Conference aims to educate and spark ideas of both new and pre-existing strategic approaches that may be implemented to assist law enforcement officers in tackling organised crime.

The Conference continues to attract circa 225 senior personnel. The aim of this year’s conference is to look at an evidenced based approach to tackling the threat from serious and organised crime.  It will focus on the launch of the new serious and organised strategy, how law enforcement intends to develop their approach to delivery across law enforcement and an honest assessment of how much progress is being made.

 Our second conference of the year, the newly named Economic Crime Conference, has grown by even greater magnitude starting with under 200 delegates in its first year it grew swiftly to 400 two years later.

The Economic Crime Conference takes place in November every year and this year will be held in the Crowne Plaza in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The location of the events changes every year and we aim to find a location both practical and easily accessible for officers around the country.

SOCEX Economic CrimeBoth Conferences are two-day events and consist of a combination of presentations and workshops led by leaders, practitioners and industry experts where delegates can contribute as well as reap in the educational benefits.

The ideology behind the Serious and Organised Crime Exchange series is to encourage both delegates and speakers to interchangeably exchange ideas and work together to find the most beneficial approaches to meeting the challenges faced.

We are continuing to seek new opportunities to build on the current SOCEX series and deliver a wider range of thought-provoking additions and alternatives as part of the series.

The conference series is well recognised throughout the country and not only have we have welcomed law enforcement officers from around the UK to the events, but there has been an increasing number of international law enforcement personnel attending in recent years.