A Busy November

A look back at what my first few months at Think Different Events have held

The past two and a half months working at Think Different Events have flew in. It’s been all go, specifically last month (November) when we had a whole string of exciting events around Scotland and England. Last month we had nine events, but it’s not time to relax for the festivities just yet because on Friday we will be hosting the biggest event in my time here yet, The 21st State of the City Economy Conference, which currently, around seven-hundred individuals have registered to attend.

On the 31st of October we kicked off our busiest month with the first of a series of MLM Accomplish Events in Oban. This was the first of a number MLM events that we provided additional support for, followed by another three throughout the month in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The events weren’t the only thing keeping us busy this month, between events, office work and site visits our schedules couldn’t have been busier. We then headed down to Stratford-Upon-Avon for site visits for some exciting events we’re planning for 2019.

Next up was the Parole Board for Scotland Event which we hosted in the Surgeons Quarter in Edinburgh. The Event had several key speakers that discussed the main problems that face the justice system today. Such as reintegration, the importance of risk assessment, transparency of process, supervision in the community, the role of victims in the justice system, access to rehabilitative programmes in prison and the independence of the judiciary.

The next day was a rapid turn around as some of the team headed straight to the FSB Dinner the following night in the Grand Central, Glasgow. The event consisted of a dinner and some high-profile speakers including the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

After a few days in the office we were back on the road again. This time to Manchester, for our SOCEX Fraud and Financial Crime Conference. A two-day conference in the Midland Hotel, an award ceremony and a dinner for just shy of 400 delegates. The program was jam packed with 34 speakers across two days, each exploring their unique perspectives on the challenges faced by those responsible for investigating rapidly evolving fraudulent and financial crime. The conference provided opportunities to discuss best practices relating to detecting, prosecuting and strategic management of this crime type.

We then had one more day back in the office before we were headed to our next event – The Business Journey at the 29 Glasgow. This was my second Business Journey Event, the first being my first ever event as part of the Think Different Event Team. This was the 21st Business Journey Event and the speakers focused on the theme of social listening and addressed how they believed the digital movement is impacting the way we do business and its consequences for human connection. Each of the three speakers (Susan Grandfield, Adrian Murphy and Simon Murrison) brought a unique yet enlightening perspective and it was once again another great event.

This week we’re back in the office, however we’re not winding down for 2018 just yet. As we’re about to host our final event of the year on Friday for Glasgow City Council, which is The State of the City Economy Conference. This will be our biggest event in the few short months I’ve been here with around 700 delegates registered so far. It is Glasgow’s principal economic event, which brings together senior representatives from the government and commerce to focus on Glasgow’s economy. There will be speeches from senior political leaders and key industry experts. The conference brings everyone together to highlight what has been a successful year in Glasgow, whilst looking forward to 2019.