A Day in the Life of an Events Organiser

It's so much more than the day of the event

Coffee at DeskIt’s coming to the end of my first two weeks at Think Different Events and so far thanks to Jacky, I have learnt a lot of the finer details that are involved in organising an event and all the pieces of the jigsaw that are required to fit together to make the finished picture – the event itself.    

So far, I have attended and worked at two events. The first being The Business Journey which Jacky gave me the opportunity to attend prior to my interview, to give me a feel for what Event Management was all about and decide if it was the right fit for me.  Around a week or two later I was invited into the office, I was welcomed with a cup of coffee and Jacky told me everything that would be involved. As you can see from Jacky’s blog update, most of the work is office based. When people think of Event Management they often think of most of the work being on-site at the event and managing the operations on the day. After all, it is in the name ‘Event Management’. It is often overlooked just how much work goes into it beforehand, and from my short experience so far around 90% of the work is done in the office from your computer, prior to the event.

Business Scotland

After a successful interview I was thrilled to be welcomed to the Think Different Events team. The next couple of weeks clarified that Jacky’s insight into what the role would involve was in fact very accurate. I began to see  more clearly that Event Management was so much more than the day of the Event itself. When the day finally comes around however, it is great to see all your hard work come together and I got a glimpse of this when I attended my second event, The Business for Scotland Dinner at The Crowne Plaza.

For us at Think Different Events this October is a quiet month, it’s the calm before the storm because in  November we have a whole host of events including the GSC Dinner, The Parole Board for Scotland Conference (Edinburgh), the FSB dinner, SOCEX Fraud and Financial Crime Conference (Manchester), The Business Journey and the BMA Conference followed by The State of The City Conference in the first week of December. That doesn’t mean however that we’re sitting in the office relaxing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite trying to get all the little details organised to ensure that our Events run as smoothly as possible on the day. It’s been a great two weeks so far and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks will bring at Think Different Events.