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We are an events management organisation, specialising in designing, developing, organising and delivering high quality learning and/or business to business events throughout the UK.

These events include seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, training programmes and business meetings.

Our clients work in the health, police, construction, financial, legal and other professional services, education and the creative sectors amongst others.

The Business Journey

17 Sep 2019
29 Club Royal Exchange Square Glasgow
17 Sep 2019
The Business Journey
29 Club Royal Exchange Square Glasgow
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21 Feb
Making Crime Pay - Time for a Change?

A combination of the prevailing UK legislation and generally accepted practices dictate that in the vast majority of confiscation cases, assets seized under PACE or POCA, even those seized utilising the powers given under Section 47 of POCA, are often held in storage for extended periods of time, suffering unnecessary depreciation.

20 Feb
The Serious and Organised Crime Exchange

The Serious Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) is a series of two yearly events - The Strategy Conference and The Economic Crime Conference

17 Jan
Michael Austel - Accredited Financial Investigators and Bank Statements

Michael Austel thought piece from the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference.