The Business Journey has been developed to support businesses across all stages of development. Whether you are an existing business with a strong track record looking to move forward, or one looking at opportunities to efficiently finance your existing operations, the breadth and depth of experience available across The Business Journey partners will prove an invaluable resource going forward.

Why is this event for you?

  • It is an opportunity to learn at first hand from the experiences of The Business Journey partners working daily with businesses large and small across the country and also of others in business that recognise the importance of the business planning process.

  • It offers a forum to discuss the key opportunities and challenges faced by businesses on a day to day basis.

  • It provides access to the expertise and services offered by the partners in one room over the course of a morning meeting.

What can you expect from The Business Journey?

  • A series of short focused presentations aimed at supporting the business community.

  • Access to a number of resources capable of supporting your business.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with new partners.

  • Developing your contact list through facilitated networking.

Developed to support businesses across all sectors, we would like to extend this invitation to other business people within your own network of contacts who would benefit from listening to our speakers and partners to hear how their own business could be taken forward with the relevant support.

Our Specialisms

IFA, accountancy,  taxation, digital marketing, business coaching, legal matters, personal and team development and event management.

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