The Voice of Leadership Conference

Monday 22, May 2017, 08:30 - 15:30
Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Business lessons to be gained from elite sports – The British and Irish Lions

In recent times, elite sport has become far more professional through a business minded approach to how individual sports people, teams and sporting bodies react to changing times. However, the world of work could still learn from elite sport.

In general, when the world of work talks about performance, too often this really translates into businesses valuing the end results.

On the other hand sportsmen, sportswomen and coaches competing at the elite levels of sport, recognise that while results matter too they are equally focussed on performance.

This conference has been designed specifically to share the knowledge and experience of people involved at this elite level.

Join Bob Keiller, Guy Richardson, Andy Irvine and others to discuss the valuable lessons they can attribute to involvement within the context of elite sport and how that has helped to shape their business lives.

By attending you will have a better understanding of:

• How to perform at a higher level more consistently.
• Delivering better results for yourself, your team and your organisation.
• Feeling confident to meet the demands you face on a regular basis.
• Making the most of your own individual talent.
• Applying simple, high impact concepts to deliver your objectives.