Our next event could be yours

Friday 25, December 2015,
Programme timetable built around client
and audience needs

Venue found to meet client requirements

We have helped organisations and their partners deliver events ranging from ten people half-day seminars, through to multi-day international conferences for thousands of attendees. Our services save our clients time, provide cost effective solutions and save clients a lot of potential stress, letting them remain fully focussed on doing what they do best. If you are looking for a partner to implement your events strategy then get in touch.

Event Analysis

By considering and answering the questions below, we hope that it will offer a platform to work with clients and develop an events strategy to support their medium to long term business objectives. 


  • Why does an organisation wish to hold an event?

  • How would an event, or series of events, fit in with its marketing and communication strategy?

  • What are the core business development objectives of the company and why would an event help achieve these? e.g. Raise company profile, become a recognised authority in the sector, develop new business, expand services to existing client base, etc.


  • Who is the target audience for the event? Existing clients, potential clients, suppliers, business partners, network of contacts, etc.

  • What is the size of the current invite list(s)

  • Does the company have an identikit audience profile, i.e. specific and targeted, or is it open to all?

  • Are there business partners that would be a good fit to provide a collaborative proposition benefitting all the intended audience profiles?

  • What size of audience would be seen as a successful platform to build upon?


  • What will the event structure look like?

    • Short presentations?

    • Open facilitated networking?

    • One to one or one to many discussions?

    • Workshops?, etc.

  • Why for the audience? Why will the audience wish to attend the event? What will they be able to take away with them?

    • Greater knowledge and understanding of topical issues?

    • Clearer understanding of services available from partners?

    • New business contacts?

    • Samples / Evidence of products and services available from host(s)


  • Who, What and Why questions above.

  • The target audience may be more open to attendance at particular points of the day depending on What is being offered, Who/ else will be in attendance and Why it is important for them to attend and learn more. 


  • This will be determined by the perception the partners wish to achieve, the size of audience, audience profile, the structure of the event, travel arrangements, venue availability, etc.


  • The core costs of the event are as follows:

    • Event management fees

    • Production costs  - Venue Hire, Catering, AV, Print, etc.

  • Working in partnership with other companies, reduces the financial burden and increases the target audience dataset providing the confidence that the event will succeed.