Standing out from the crowd

Business events - educational for some, networking opportunities for others. Most business owners will attend a business event from time to time.

Knowledgeable Speakers + Relevant Content = Great Event

Over the past few weeks I have organised a number of events in different parts of the UK - Stratford-upon-Avon, Glasgow & Ayr. From a two day, two hundred and twenty delegate conference to two business seminars for ninety and forty people respectively, the overriding conclusion from all participants across the three events was that the quality of the speakers, their expertise and the relevance of the topics they chose to speak about made attendance worthwhile.

Cost only important once full value of venue proposal is determined?

I travelled around Mid England last week, looking for the best fit for our SOCEX 2016 Conference. 1,000 miles. 9 potential venues. 4 nights in different venues. This wasn't an ad-hoc road trip, but one planned after a lot of detailed research, contacting venues and requesting quotations and proposals from those which appeared, on the face of it at least, to meet the conference specification And all the venue staff who showed me around in the hope of hosting the event asked the same simple question. What are the key considerations in the decision making process?

Dear venue, Are you the one for me?

Content will always remain king/queen when measuring the success of a conference. However, there are a number of other aspects that are critical to the success of any event. The venue plays a significant role in determining the impact of an event. Quality service from staff, ease of access for all attending, pleasant surroundings, surprising extras. The marriage of engaging content and five star venue service should therefore exceed everyone's expectations. As I begin the event management process for an annual conference in 2016 here's what I'll be looking our for.

Adrenalin, the Legal High of event management

According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Adrenalin is a hormone produced by the body when you are frightened, angry, or excited, which makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger. The same dictionary also confirms that a Legal High is a drug that is taken for pleasure and has the same effect as an illegal drug, but has not been made illegal. Event organisers, I would suggest are on that Legal High.

Newbie Profiles 2 Apr

Some short profiles of the #Newbie business people who attended the Business Banter in Marthas on Thursday and Paperino's on Friday last week. A couple of #Prodigals too including Liam with his recent change of company.